School Safety Alerts
School Safety Alerts App

School Safety Alerts is a mobile application that allows:

  • Ease of use & configuration
  • Customization to each schools needs & location
  • Quick, discreet communications with 1st Responders
  • Integration to school & district IT Networks
  • Communication with local businesses, community & parents

School Safety Alerts is a one-of-a-kind application that offers a user-friendly interface in which teachers and school administrators can request emergency support at the click of a button.

Working in conjunction with 911, the application conveys the details of an emergency situation to emergency responders without the need to vocalize the details and location. In the current school climate where school shootings have become so common, this application provides quick, discreet emergency reporting.

The application also allows school administrators to send important information to parents by text message in both emergency and non-emergency situations - whether it's notifying parents that the pep rally has started, or in a serious situation, to notify parents that students have been moved to a safe location.