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Safe Communications, Inc. develops lifesaving, interactive digital products that serve one purpose, and that's keeping teachers, parents and children protected from the complex issues & threats we're faced with in today’s hostile society.

Our family of digital protection products include:

Safe Communications has also successfully lobbied for the Children’s Privacy Act legislation in Congress, in partnership with Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)

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Given the drastic increase in the number and severity of school shootings in the recent years, Safe Communications leveraged their expertise in the digital space, and partnered with AquilaVision to devise a mobile application that enhances communication between schools and emergency responders. The theory is simple - the sooner first responders are made aware of the incident, the sooner they can react and save lives.

AquilaVision builds customized software solutions to move information from its source to people or systems that need to have it. Source information can be anything conveyed over a network: equipment status, asset location, sensor data, phone calls, emails, etc. This information can be evaluated, analyzed and manipulated by complex business rules. The result is information passed along to systems or personnel most closely associated with the results.