SSA Benefits & Value Added Services

  • 1st Responders: Include fire, police and emergency medical personnel. It is important they have access to reliable, interoperable communications to assist those in need during emergencies.  SSA enables unique integration for each school with 1st Responders by quickly notifying existing school staff first, then if applicable, getting 1st Responders involved. This will reduce the number of false alarms and preserve precious resources
  • Principal, Administration & Teachers: The core of any school relies on the management of the principal and staff of administrators & teachers. Each elementary, middle and high school are different in design or school layout and demographics. SSA will enable a more secure & stable model for each school by implementing a plan that will use cell phones, the Internet and any existing video or recording devices already in use! While still being tightly connected to the police or 911 Emergency Management Services.
  • Parent & Overall Community Benefits: Parents are the key ingredient’ to the success of the most valuable asset of any school, the “Student”!   SSA realizes the daily activities while in school rely on the principal and the administration.  However, by providing a more effective way of communicating with parents and community allows resources to be used more efficiently. SSA enables this capability by empowering each school principal, administration and PTA’s to be included in the Emergency Management process. 
  • Professional Development (PD) & Ongoing support: PD is required in order to insure that all personnel involved are trained and understand how to effectively use the application at every level! This includes but is not limited to initial school design, software delivery & continual support. The SSA application is very intuitive and does not require a lot of time for set-up and training.  However, in order to achieve “maximum” results for all users, we will provide on-site, on-line and ongoing training annually.
  • Enovation & Value Added Services: The implementation of SSA will provide a tighter more effective emergency & disaster recovery plan for each school district, city police, medical and fire departments. 
  • Alternate Funding Solutions: We are committed to providing the best and most cost-effective safety solutions for all students, teachers and administrators.  Implementing SSA into a school district is not at short-term solution or “sprint” but a long-term solution like a marathon. It is with this understanding that we will assist districts in securing funding for multiple years.