Professional Development, Integration, Support & Security

Professional Development is required in order to achieve maximum return for all users at every level!  This includes but is not limited to initial school design, software delivery and support. The SSA application is very intuitive and does not require a lot of time for set-up and training.  However, our implementation and delivery model provides; on-site, on-line & ongoing training during each semester of engagement.

Integration is key to the success and delivery of any small or large software rollout.  The School Safety Alerts (SSA) application provides quick controlled and immediate access to any new or existing campus network while adhering to the school district throughout the four phases of emergency management:

  • Prevention-mitigation
  • Preparedness
  • Quick Responses
  • Recovery & ongoing development

Support is paramount to the success of any network, we also believe in order to continuously provide effective support it requires on-site administration by the school and/or district personnel as well as the vendor. As we constantly improve and expand software capabilities we will provide train-the-trainer activities on-site, online and via social media. SSA also allows local stores & communities, parents, media etc. to be part of the overall solution by quickly responding to emergencies and insuring that 911 resources are being utilized in the best possible ways!

Security of any software is critical on a multitude of levels. SSA is secure and all content is protected with the same SSL security provided by most banks. This complements what is already being used currently within the existing school and district Information Technology Networks.